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Lubricants and
Releasing Agents

Our lubricants and releasing agents consist of dispersion types made from hydrophobic lubricating components dispersed in water. Adding them to coating materials, such as a coating or paint, prevents the coating film from adhering to the metal and blocking.
Industry / Field
Product Features

San Nopco Korea's lubricants and releasing agents developed for ceramics help to obtain high-density compacts by improving the alumina-filling amount in press forming. In pressure molding, compacts with high green strength can be obtained with minimal distortion. In particular, the use of emulsifiers that affect lubrication and releasability can be minimized in order to maximize the lubrication effects and release agents in various molding methods.


As critical industrial agents, lubricants and releasing agents for coated paper used in the paper-making industry carry a wide range of functions, such as releasing and slippage properties as well as hydrophobic properties. The main usages of these agents are for improving operability during the manufacturing process and enhancing the quality of the coated paper itself. The former can be seen in the anti-dusting of calendars (anti-adhesion of coating colors) and stain prevention of the guide roll. The latter consists of blocking prevention and the addition of slipping properties to the paper.