Sannopco Korea has excellent research capabilities and wants to realize customer satisfaction and eco-friendly company with the best value.

Technology Research

R&D center
with experienced
research and
technical workforce

San Nopco Korea R&D Center was established in 1993. The initial product was based on technology introduction from Japan's Sanyo Kasei and San Nopco Japan, world-renowned specialty chemical manufacturers. Currently, we are producing products through a mixed process of technology exchange and licensing, and we have secured varied technology experience and data over the decades since our inception. Since 2000, we have been developing, producing, and marketing high-performance, high-value-added products through independent product development based on the technology of excellent research personnel.

R&D fields
  • Electronic material

    Dispersants, releasing agents, defoamers, and binders for electronic materials such as semiconductors, capacitors, and secondary batteries
  • Paint, Ink

    Aqueous and non-aqueous defoamers, wetting agents, dispersants, viscoelastic modifiers added when manufacturing paints and inks
  • Petrochemical

    Defoamers, dispersants, releasing agents, surface improvement agents for latex, rubber, and resin
  • Civil engineering, construction

    Liquid and powder water reducers, oil retention agents, air entrainers used in civil engineering and construction
  • Paper industry

    Additives for coating colors used in paper manufacturing and tissue additives
  • Others

    UV materials for optical films, natural mineral-treated chemicals
We provide customers with various functional additives such as defoamers, dispersants, wetting agents, viscosity modifiers, and lubricants/releasing agents.
  • Micro Organisms
  • Rheology Modifying
  • Eco-friendly Technology
  • Dispersing & Emulsifying
  • Surface &
    Foam Conditioning