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Water Reducer

Polycarboxylate, also known as high-performance water reducer or PCE based on polycarboxylic acid, is a third-generation chemical polymer used in concrete applications. Compared to traditional fluidizing agents based on lignin, melamine, and naphthalene, the polycarboxylic acid-based water reducer offers unique advantages for producing high-performance concrete.
The excellent dispersion of PCE increases the water-reducing capacity and decreases cement content. The high flow of concrete by PCE enables manufacture of high-flow self-leveling concrete. It also provides excellent workability and maintenance performance without delaying hardening, helping to transport high-performance concrete within required time limits. Ultimately, PCE dramatically improves the compressive strength of concrete.
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We are leading the industry by possessing the following various product lines: 1) standard water reducers, which are the primary raw material for manufacturing concrete admixtures, 2) retaining-type water reducers to improve concrete slump retention performance, 3) innovative high-performance complex water reducers with balanced performance between water-reducing power and slump retention, 4) special water reducers for particular purposes with a unique chemical structure different from general water reducers, and 5) powdery water reducers for making mortar or cement in situations in which liquid water reducers are unsuitable.


Water Reducer Mechanism