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Construction Materials

We manufacture and supply water reducers and various additives used in construction materials such as concrete and mortar. We achieve technological superiority through innovative research and development and widely apply this to domestic and overseas construction sites.
Polycarboxylate, also known as high-performance water reducer or PCE based on polycarboxylic acid, is a third-generation chemical polymer used in concrete applications. Compared to traditional fluidizing agents based on lignin, melamine, and naphthalene, the polycarboxylic acid-based water reducer offers unique advantages in producing high-performance concrete.
Water reducer

This is a polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance water reducer for high-performance concrete. Structurally, this product provides static repulsion and steric hindrance to disperse cement particles evenly and dramatically improve concrete properties. In particular, it exhibits excellent functionality for various site requirements, such as for situations in which high concrete fluidity, long-lasting workability and retention without curing delay, and early or final concrete strength is required.


A defoamer-based air volume control system is very useful in controlling the air content of cement and concrete. It prevents excessive air generation during concrete manufacturing and maintains an appropriate amount of air in the concrete during transportation.


We have various other additives for concrete/construction materials, including 1) air-entraining agents to control the large amount of air generated when using a surfactant water reducer, 2) separation reducing agents to improve bonding between the constituent materials of concrete and to prevent the separation of mortar and aggregate during high-pressure and long-distance concrete pumping, and 3) preservatives to prevent spoilage and extend the shelf life of admixtures of lignin or gluconate-based decayable concrete.