Sannopco Korea is leading the fine chemical industry.


Various dispersants and other additives used in the ceramic manufacturing process are applied in various activities that use water or other solvents in the process of ceramic particle dispersion. We enhance productivity and product improvement capabilities by providing additives for ceramic field and electronic parts, advanced ceramics, and slurry manufacturing processes.
Fine Ceramics

Suitable additives are selected according to the ceramic types (alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, ferrite, aluminum nitride, etc.) and particle sizes used in manufacturing fine ceramics. The products of San Nopco Korea are manufactured according to the size of each particle and the ceramic type and provide new functions to various industrial products.

Ceramics for Electronic Components

The various additives manufactured by San Nopco Korea are used in water or other solvents, such as dispersants that disperse ceramic particles. They are applied in various electronic material areas such as ceramic condensers and semiconductors. In particular, our dispersants do not contain alkali metal elements or elemental sulfurs that affect ceramics' electrical properties and strength, in order to ensure stable production of electrical parts.