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UV material

UV coating materials cure coatings with UV and effectively improve productivity with a fast curing time and no use of solvents, so they are widely recognized for their environmentally friendly nature. UV curable paints have high surface hardness, scratch resistance, and glossy effects, are suitable for materials with low heat resistance, and have good electrical insulation properties. With their excellent physical properties, our UV materials are widely applied to various hard coating materials, display coating liquids, and plastic coatings.
UV monomer

UV-curable monomer causes the photoinitiator to react with ultraviolet rays and with the monomer to cause polymerization. UV curable monomers are applied to UV coating materials to impart excellent physical properties such as hardness, gloss, abrasion resistance, and adhesive strength. Recently, the fields of use have been expanding due to these varied properties.

Additives for UV coating

In addition to the various additives applied to UV coatings, we are constantly devoted to developing additives to satisfy our customers' evolving needs.