Sannopco Korea is waiting for great talents to create the future together.


Creative and active people

People who are willing to work creatively and undertake challenges with a clear understanding of the company's missions, visions, strategies, and initiatives

Creative talent
  • People who can generate transformation through outside-the-box thinking
  • People who can overcome future crises by constantly making creative suggestions with a sense of purpose and urgency
  • People who strive to create more value and innovate through their expertise
  • People who constantly strive to link timely new product development with business opportunities
Challenge-taking talent
  • People who discover the unprecedented to redesign and take on new challenges
  • People who courageously break away from stereotypes and are willing to change their thoughts and actions
Global talent
  • People with excellent foreign language skills and international business sense
Professional talent
  • People who pursue a high level of professional knowledge beyond average common sense levels
  • People with the expertise to understand customer needs and constantly expand the scopes of technology and the market