SAN NOPCO KOREA LTD. strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Management philosophy
  • We shall grow and develop into a top-tier company in the 21st century, fulfilling our true social responsibility to build a better society by facilitating the affluent lifestyles of all our employees and pursuing the globalization of our company
  • We shall leave no stone unturned to foster first-class enterprise in the 21st century by realizing the “3 Hs” [High Productivity, High Added Value, and High Wages.]

“3 Hs” [High Productivity, High Added Value, and High Wages.]

globalization of our company

Management policy

    Attaining customer satisfaction through speedy management

  • creative

    Building core competitiveness through creative thinking

  • passionate

    Establishing an organizational culture to communicate with passion and engagement

Quality policy

Advancement through customer satisfaction

We endeavor to supply products that meet customers'
needs at the right time and right price, to achieve customer
satisfaction through continuous improvement,
and ultimately to contribute to the growth of
our customers and company alike.

Environmental policy

Environmentally-friendly management

We recognize the significance and value of environmental preservation, minimize detrimental environmental impact across all company activities, including our products and services, and practice environmentally-friendly corporate management through continuous environmental improvement efforts.

Safety and
Health Goals

1. Factory accident-free and accident-free 365 days a year
(Achieving 8 times and practicing 9 times)
2. Preemptive discovery of potential harmful and dangerous factors and continuous improvement of 100 safe working environments