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Resin, pigments, solvents, and various additives are added to coating agents such as paints and inks when manufactured. Additives (defoamers, dispersants, thickeners, wetting agents, etc.) introduced in the manufacturing process are necessary to improve the coating agent manufacturing process, coating appearance, and film properties. Our additives for paints and inks can be divided broadly into the water- and oil-based types available according to customer needs.
Additives for water-based coating

Water-based coatings are applied in various ways to architectural paints, inks, and finishing materials. Industrial paints and gravure inks, which have been applied as oil-based until now, are gradually being converted into water-based types due to environmental issues. Surfactants such as dispersants and wetting agents are frequently used in manufacturing water-based coating agents. In this process, it is essential to add a strong defoamer. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers by developing and supplying various surfactants, defoamers, and thickeners for water-based coating.

Additives for oil-based coating

Most paints and inks are still oil-based. We have various oil-based additives (defoamers, dispersants, anti-settling agents, etc.) and continuously develop new additives tailored to customers' needs.